A computer with a coding application (IDE) open. Credit: Pexels.com.

It is now known that South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (South Korea DAPA) was hacked in October of 2018. The hackers were able to gain internal access through a server that controlled security software (Data Storage Prevention software) similar to Deepfreeze, which prevents data from being kept on the computers and deleted upon reboot. What is believed what was stolen is a contradiction with the government, as according to ZDNet, the hackers stole important documents, “It is believed that the stolen documents contain information about arms procurement for the country’s next-generation fighter aircraft, according to a news outlet reporting on the cyber-attack,” but according to News 1 Korea, the government claims that the investigation found nothing of importance was stolen, “Based on the results of the investigation, the agency concluded that confidential or military data were not, included in the suspected leaked data”. Currently, the culprit is not known, but in the past, the North Koreans have been blamed for these types of attacks ( 1 and).

Sources: ZDNet, News 1 Korea.

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