An Amazon Logo over NYC. Credit:

Amazon was supposed to build a second Headquarters, in Queens, New York City, New York, for the company that would allow for 25,000 new jobs. According to The Washington Post, Amazon was given $3 billion in New York state and New York City tax incentives to build their HQ, while according to CNBC, Amazon was guaranteed $27 billion in revenue untouched. However, now they are having second thoughts about the deal. The possible reason for Amazon wanting to pull out is due to local opposition of the deal and its tax incentives. However, there is still opposition to them pulling out of the deal, according to Bloomberg, ” ‘You gotta be kidding me!’ Montana, a senior managing director at brokerage Savills Studley, said when reached by phone Friday. ‘Amazon would be exceedingly foolish to actually pull out of this deal.'” Regardless of who’s side you are on, this may be a big loss for NYC if Amazon does decide to not build it’s headquarters there.

Sources: The Verge, CNBC, The Washington Post, Bloomberg.

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