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What is a Warrant Canary?

A warrant canary is a method by which a communications service provider aims to inform its users that the provider has been served with a government subpoena despite legal prohibitions on revealing the existence of the subpoena. The warrant canary typically informs users that there has not been a court-issued subpoena as of a particular date. If the canary is not updated for the period specified by the host or if the warning is removed, users might assume the host has been served with such a subpoena. The intention is for a provider passively to warn users of the existence of a subpoena, albeit violating the spirit of a court order not to do so, while not violating the letter of the order.

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Our Warrant Canary

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As of September 18, 2022, none of our websites nor any of our controlled services have received a US or foreign warrant, subpoena, or national security letter, whether judicial, legislative, or administratively, for information or content stored. This page will be updated quarterly. If a warrant, subpoena, or national security letter is served, please watch this page for the removal of the image and a page update with more information. However, if we are served a gag order with such, we may not be able to update this canary until such expires or is legally struck down by a US or foreign court.